Services & Rates

Quality Laundry Services

Our services include dry cleaning, steam pressing, sofa & carpet shampooing.
We also provide urgent services, please contact us to enquire about our express or same-day delivery rates.
1. For articles damaged or lost, the maximum compensation payable by the company will be 10 times the charge on the bill related to that particular Item. Except curtains, carpets and comforters.
2. Please check your laundry before leaving our premises. We will not be responsible for any missing or damaged articles thereafter.
3. We shall not be responsible for any change of color or shrinkage of garments beyond our control.
4. We shall not be responsible for valuables left in your articles. We are not responsible for garments not claimed after 2 months.
5. Please bring your invoice when picking up items.

We now accept all major credit cards